Katharina Zimmerhackl

Ich gehe in die Wand,
ich halte den Atem an

The work consists of the tracing of two-wall pieces’ graphic characteristics: Little cracks, holes, color drips and other remnants were mapped, categorized and assigned specific sounds –  sounds that are formed with the mouth, but are not yet language like sighing, breathing, clicking of the tongue or single vowels and consonants. These sounds became the basis for a spoken score in which the two walls are starting to have a "dialogue", but are stuck in a prelinguistic stadium of bodily sounds and pure phonems. The title references the disappearance of the nameless protagonist "into the wall" in Ingeborg Bachmanns Malina; an experience which is reflected in this sound-installation.

2-channel sound-installation: music stand, script, headphones, drawing on transparent paper on paper, laser print | 2019

© Paula Gehrmann
© Paula Gehrmann