Katharina Zimmerhackl

Maria, Theotokes

Mary, Theotokes — giving birth to god? Mythic mother, real archetype, forma­tive female role model? These first ques­­tions have been the starting point for an artistic and graphic examination of the imagery of Virgin Mary.
The work Maria, Theotokes analyses the classical genre of the image on Vir­gin Mary on three different levels. After researching and classifying images I reinscenated typical paintings as photo­­graphs (Thank you to Marion Hammer for the photographic work). I somehow wanted to go to a stage before the image — as if I would stage a situation including models and props, that would then be painted later. In this way the production of the imagery can be questioned regarding a ›male gaze‹.
After finishing this part, I felt the need to write about the subject of Mary, reali­sing thus an essay that explores the historic imagery of paintings and films on Virgin Mary from a personal perspective. Based on this essay, which also analysed Pasolinis’ adaptation of the gospel accor­ding to Matthew, a graphic work evolved: I made a graphic notation of the gestures and mimics of Joseph and Mary, making it possible to study the relation between them more closely. The notation is accompanied by a series of drawings of different stills of the film.

The edition Maria, Theotokes unites these three approaches. The essay and the photographic work have also been pub­lished in the third edition of the femi­nist magazine ›outside the box‹.