Katharina Zimmerhackl


Katharina Zimmerhackl (b. 1983, DE) works in the overlapping area of conceptual art and theory. Her thematic focus lies on visual and literary languages and the production of knowledge, collectivities and collective work, as well as history and the reflection on its writing and production, especially from a feminist point of view. Often, her work reappropriates scientific or artistic methods, resulting in scripts, scores or notations as systems of organizing and structuring the researched material. Lately, theatrical and narrative elements of a stage as well as performative aspects have become part of these participatory notations.

Her artistic practice is accompanied by a theoretical practice as editor of the feminist magazine outside the box – Zeitschrift für feministische Gesellschaftskritik – including writing, public appearances (talks, lectures) or workshops. The theoretical and the practical aspects of her work are strongly connected.

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Katharina Zimmerhackl


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"Depressed? It might be political!" – Ein Gespräch zwischen Antje Molitor, Jana Schmidt, Katharina Zimmerhackl und Peter Schneider.
Katharina Zimmerhackl: Maria, Theotokes


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