Katharina Zimmerhackl

Die Überläuferin

The theatrical installation Die Überläuferin (engl.: The defectress) is based on an examination of the imagery of reading woman. The stage is composed of different elements: Central protagonist is a series of Blindbänden (dummies): empty white books, whose size and titles are taken from the image collection. The books serve as props for a set of spoken instructions – Intricate Rituals – that invite the viewer to (re-)perform poses or gestures of the painted women.

The staged setting is based around several wooden constructions that loosely remind of wooden frames. Around them objects and fabrics are draped – remains of the materiality of the images. All these create a feeling of ›inoperability‹ and question the space they are in and the purpose they might have. They are alluding to a void, that has to be filled by the viewer; the visitor enters the allegorical historical space of the images collected and is requested to become a part of it.

Listen to the sound accompanying the staged setting HERE

Installation views (different settings) | 2015