Katharina Zimmerhackl

Die Umkehrung einer Materialbeziehung

The installation Die Umkehrung einer Materialbeziehung traces the connection between desire and body by means of an allegory: it imagines an abstract body-space before or in-between language, in which the production of a sound – understood as a preliminary stage of speech – refers to the emergence of subjectivity. In a spoken soundpiece, in which the tonal potential of the letter „A“ is playfully explored and contrasted with dry and erotic descriptions of the anatomical details of speech processes, the mouth itself appears as a conflictual interstice between language and sound, between body and non-body, between inside and outside. A place, whose reference to the "origin" of the self and language is staged here as an ambivalent longing.

4-channel audio installation (9:25 min.), rubber foam, casting compound, varnish | 2020
Installation View BB15, Linz/A
Fotos: Laurien Bachmann