Katharina Zimmerhackl

The White Elephant / Book Salons

In the White Elephant we shared our knowledge and experience about bookmaking and book-design. We repeatedly had meetings where projects dealing with printed matters were presented and productively discussed. The White Elephant was a space for constant reflection and mutual support.
Apart from the meetings a series of Book Salons was organised in collaboration with advisor Susanne Kriemann and librarian Annet Perry-Schoot Uiterkamp and held in the Pierre Kemp Lab. The Book Salons were open to everyone and provided a public platform to discuss themes around the production, exhibition and distribution of books. Examples of (artistic) books were shared and discussed framed by short inputs from the invited guests.

With: Anne Callahan, Martin La Roche Contreras, Katharina Zimmerhackl and advisor Susanne Kriemann

Guests: Stuart Bailey (The Serving Library), Delphine Bedel (Monospace Press), Arnaud Desjardin (Everyday Press), Odin Essers, Freek Lomme (Onomatopee), Annet Perry-Schoot Uiterkamp, Carlijn Postma, Batia Suter